Warsaw’s Painful Jewish Chapters Spawn Modern-Day Proud Remembrances

In April 2021, to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto Uprising, a monument was unveiled in the heart of the Polish capital that consisted of a glass cube above an underground chamber. This great touchstone in Warsaw had been a long-forsaken Holocaust-era archive that was hidden by Polish Jewish volunteers. The Ringelblum Archive, named after the leading historian and teacher, Emmanuel Ringelblum, “gave new life to those who died and the testimony of those who witnessed the horrors.

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Poland’s Brave Response to Russia’s War

While Putin’s War on Ukraine has ravaged the entire continent with ramifications for world events for decades, many groups, citizens, and refugees in Poland continue to step up in a big way. Author: Jared Feldschreiber Ukrainians represent the biggest external community living in Poland. Ukraine House, based in the Muranów neighborhood of Warsaw, was formed as […]

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Tomaszevski : Russia’s Kaliningrad Project Is Back

Energy analyst Robert Tomaszevski from Polityka Insight shares exclusive information on alleged plans surrounding the Baltic Nuclear Plant in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region. Polish media mogul Zygmunt Solorz-Żak and Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán want to invest together in the construction of the Russian Rosatom’s nuclear plant, and have been persuading the Polish government for months […]

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‘Trust’ Is Never a Given

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical elements in a digitalized world. In order to highlight the importance of protecting networks, devices and data from unauthorized access, the Central European Affairs Magazine has spoken to several figures of the IT world in Poland and Israel. Author: Jared Feldschreiber One would be hard-pressed to find a […]

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Polish Film Industry Set to Rebound in 2021

The Central European Affairs Magazine has spoken to several figures in the vibrant Polish cinema world in order to get a better feel of how coronavirus has been hitting the film trade, and to learn of what they see as hopeful trends moving forward. Author: Jared Feldschreiber In November 2020, Variety, America’s top film trade […]

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Vaclav Stetka: People are willing to support quality journalism

In a virtual conference organized by the Brussels-based Prosum Foundation, communication and media expert Vaclav Stetka discussed “infodemic”, the media dominance of digital giants and the pros and cons of a European public media. The event was hosted by István Teplán, president of Prosum Foundation. Host: István Teplán Online conference Most people get their information […]

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