Poland’s 2004 EU Accession: A Retrospective

Two decades have passed. Poland is on the brink of celebrating the 20th anniversary of its accession to the European Union in the vibrant Parc Cinquantenaire of Brussels. The festivities promise a lively May Day atmosphere, complete with games for children and a captivating country image campaign showcasing Poland’s diverse regions and municipalities to a cosmopolitan audience. One question lingers as Poland prepares to mark this momentous occasion: do they genuinely have cause for celebration?

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Europe’s Response to Russia’s Presidential Elections

Recent international events have underscored the resilience of the West and its commitment to defending democratic values and Ukraine. Despite internal divisions, a bipartisan Congressional decision in the United States allocated $100 billion in foreign aid to support Ukraine’s defense efforts against Russia. This decisive action, supported by Republican and Democratic majorities, demonstrated a unified stance against Russian aggression.

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