Amb. Bonis: Sanctions are meant to cripple Russian aggression

CEA Talks host Zoltán Kész interviews the ambassador of the Netherlands to Hungary, Désirée Bonis. The topics include the two countries’ business, cultural and historical connections, and some politics. Ms Bonis talks about the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland and how she imagines the war ending. From the EU point of view, corruption is a big problem in Hungary, and populism is threatening democracy worldwide. But after all, the EU is still a unique society of liberty and freedom, which we should all be proud of.

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The Farming Reform Europe May (not) Need

Author: Zoltán Kész Agriculture is an issue which is viewed very differently depending on which European country you look at it from. Whether it is the subsidies or the methods, it seems like there is no real understanding among all the EU member states. In this edition of the CEA Talks podcast, host Zoltán Kész […]

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Porcnik: Political turn in Slovenia

Tanja Porčnik, the President of the Slovenian  Visio Institute talks to Zoltan Kesz about the Slovenian elections.  Podcast On April 24, a parliamentary election took place in the country. The results reflected a clear message from voters that the government needs to change. The ruling party led by Janez Jansa lost to a completely new […]

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Analysis of the Hungarian election: Zoltán Kész

Civitas Director of Operations Zoltán Kész joined the American Enterprise Institute’s The Eastern Front podcast to express his views on Hungary’s parliamentary election this Sunday. He talks about the chances of Fidesz and the united opposition, and recalls the time when his election as an independent MP broke Viktor Orbán’s two-thirds majority in the Hungarian […]

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