Tanja Porčnik, the President of the Slovenian  Visio Institute talks to Zoltan Kesz about the Slovenian elections. 


On April 24, a parliamentary election took place in the country. The results reflected a clear message from voters that the government needs to change. The ruling party led by Janez Jansa lost to a completely new party led by Robert Golob. Did Jansa’s good relationship with Hungarian PM Orban play a role in the election? How did the pandemic play a role in his defeat? What led to the defeat of Jansa? What can we expect from the new government? Ms Porcnik gives an answer to all these questions.

dr. Tanja Porčnik

Tanja Porčnik is President of Visio Institute. Previously, Ms Porčnik was Director at the Fraser Institute in Canada, External Research Fellow at the Cato Institute in the US, Senior Research Fellow at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in the US, Lecturer in American Political Thought and Constitutional Law at Georgetown University Summer School, and Research Fellow in European Public Policy and Global Public Affairs Officer at the Cato Institute in the US.

Her research interests include constitutionalism, human rights and the political system. Ms Porčnik is the author of numerous articles, analyses and books and regularly appears as a commentator in both national and international media. She is also an editor of The Visio Journal, and a content editor of 4Liberty.eu Review and a columnist for The Brussels Times.

She is also the author of The Human Freedom Index, which has been published as an annual report since 2015, and has been reported on by numerous media outlets around the world, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, FOX, BBC, CBC, Bloomberg, Foreign Policy, Newsweek, Forbes, etc.