Central European Affairs

About CEA

Central European Affairs (CEA) Magazine is an open-access digital journal, publishing high-quality articles, podcasts, and videos that bring critical thinking to the fore and stimulate debate. Established in 2021 and on behalf of the Brussels-based independent think tank Prosum Foundation, Central European Affairs publishes articles, reports, reviews, perspectives, op-eds, letters to the editor on topics related to democracy, rule of law, human and digital rights, culture and European integration in Central and Eastern Europe. The Magazine is dedicated to informing and educating decision-makers, politicians, businessmen, scholars, researchers as well as interested persons from other professional areas. The Central European Affairs Magazine features balanced treatment and a wide array of opinions from its debate partners. The main goal of the publications presented in the Magazine is to provide an in-depth knowledge of democratic actors and procedures as well as to promote critical and democratic thinking and behavior.

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