Short Film Exposes Crackdown on Belarusian Journalists

Author: Jared Feldschreiber International correspondents often face harassment and even jail time within many current authoritarian regimes. This phenomenon is nothing new, but it has grown increasingly rampant and spotlighted in countries like Belarus where brave protesters have fought against the fraught election results that re-elected Aleksandr Lukashenko as its president in 2020. Two years […]

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Migrant Crisis Smacks Loudly on Poland’s Doorsteps

In early November, Belarusian President Aleksander Lukashenko launched what many political observers have deemed a hybrid war. The strongman’s government opened their borders — allowing over 4,000 migrants, from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, to recklessly, and even inhumanely, seek entrance into Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Author: Jared Feldschreiber The three European Union and NATO member […]

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