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A new far-right party has started its work in the Hungarian Parliament as it passed the threshold of 5%.


Its name is Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland). CEA Talks host Zoltán kész talks to Political Capital analyst Bulcsú Hunyady, who is an expert on extremism and radicalisation. They talk about what caused Our Homeland to get into the Hungarian Parliament, their Kremlin connections, their political agenda and what Hungarians can expect from them in the coming years. 

Bulcsú Hunyadi

Bulcsú Hunyadi is senior analyst and the head of the research programme on radicalisation and extremism at the Hungarian think tank Political Capital. His main fields of interest are right-wing extremism, far-right narratives, prejudices and enmity towards social groups, and radicalisation prevention. He studied history, sociology and international relations.