Pichler: We need digital citizens

Dietmar Pichler talks about the dangers of Internet 2.0, Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, how to combat disinformation, why deepfakes pose the next level of cyber danger and how to keep democracy alive in a manipulative digital space. Host: Balázs Csekő At the speed of light. That is how the World Wide Web has developed since […]

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Civitas Institute Poll: Hungary Election 2022

With only one year to go until the Hungarian parliamentary election, opposition forces are still shaping up to offer a competitive contender to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling Fidesz party. Civitas Institute experts share the latest opinion poll data related to the 2022 Hungarian general election. The latest Civitas Institute poll figures show […]

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Faludy: Hungary needs a real conservative party

Journalist Alexander Faludy talks about Europe’s post-Merkel era, where Fidesz is going after the exit from EPP, why he is worried by recent statements by Momentum leader Fekete-Győr and why Hungary urgently needs a conservative party. Host: Zoltán Kész 2021 will be crucial year for the European Union. The upcoming goodbye of German Chancellor Angela […]

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Democracy in Hungary then and now

The pan-European project of the Union of European Federalists provided the opportunity to link the revolutionary events from 30 years ago with the current challenges of democracy in Europe. Miklós Haraszti, Éva Judit Kovács, and Nick Thorpe discussed about “How we saw democracy and Europe at the system change in Hungary”. By Eszter Nagy Those […]

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Polish Film Industry Set to Rebound in 2021

The Central European Affairs Magazine has spoken to several figures in the vibrant Polish cinema world in order to get a better feel of how coronavirus has been hitting the film trade, and to learn of what they see as hopeful trends moving forward. Author: Jared Feldschreiber In November 2020, Variety, America’s top film trade […]

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