Hegedűs: A life after Merkel is possible

Political analyst Dániel Hegedűs sat down with CEA Magazine to analyze the upcoming German federal election, and explained why the FDP has the best chance to be the kingmaker after the ballot. He also talked about why he doesn’t expect a shift in the German-Hungarian relations and why Angela Merkel has a dark stain on […]

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Jeszenszky: I can’t read Viktor Orbán’s mind

Hungary’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Géza Jeszenszky talks about Pope Francis’ Budapest visit, the alleged Christian and conservative nature of the Viktor Orbán-led government and the prime minister’s position in the European Union. He also explains the “strange” character of the opposition coalition, and why he would be “pessimistic” if Klára Dobrev became the […]

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August 2021 Civitas Poll – Public sentiment in Hungary

With possibly eight months to go until the Hungarian parliamentary election, the race between the governing Fidesz and the opposition coalition is becoming more and more competitive, and the power balance between the opposition PM candidates is rapidly shifting. With both Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony and Jobbik leader Péter Jakab losing ground, DK-candidate Klára Dobrev, […]

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