Jeszenszky: I can’t read Viktor Orbán’s mind

Hungary’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Géza Jeszenszky talks about Pope Francis’ Budapest visit, the alleged Christian and conservative nature of the Viktor Orbán-led government and the prime minister’s position in the European Union. He also explains the “strange” character of the opposition coalition, and why he would be “pessimistic” if Klára Dobrev became the […]

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Dzurinda: The EU needs to become a global power

Slovakia’s former head of government Mikuláš Dzurinda delivers an answer to his Hungarian colleague Viktor Orbán, who recently suggested him the creation of a “new axis” in the EU. The President of the Wilfried Martens Centre also talks about the future of the V4 cooperation, the necessity of reforms on the EU level, and how […]

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Faludy: Hungary needs a real conservative party

Journalist Alexander Faludy talks about Europe’s post-Merkel era, where Fidesz is going after the exit from EPP, why he is worried by recent statements by Momentum leader Fekete-Győr and why Hungary urgently needs a conservative party. Host: Zoltán Kész 2021 will be crucial year for the European Union. The upcoming goodbye of German Chancellor Angela […]

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