Cullinane: Hungary is one of Biden’s major issues

US-European relations expert Scott Cullinane shares his thoughts on the differences between the Trump and the Biden administrations, the new president’s first international trip leading to the Old Continent, and why Hungary is one of the major policy questions the current US administration will have to tackle in the coming years. Host: Zoltán Kész President […]

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Hungarian democracy 30 years after the transition

Within the framework of “Democracy is Europe”, a pan-European project organised by the Union of European Federalists, Eszter Kirs, Zoltán Fleck, and András Pulai talked about the deteriorating reputation of Hungarian democracy in the EU, shared their views on what has gone wrong since 1989, and discussed the possibility of returning to the European democratic […]

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Pichler: We need digital citizens

Dietmar Pichler talks about the dangers of Internet 2.0, Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, how to combat disinformation, why deepfakes pose the next level of cyber danger and how to keep democracy alive in a manipulative digital space. Host: Balázs Csekő At the speed of light. That is how the World Wide Web has developed since […]

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Anita Posch: Bitcoin can eliminate corruption and retain privacy

In the CEA Talk podcast, cryptocurrency expert Anita Posch talked about different aspects of bitcoin, the blockchain technology revolutionizing the global financial system, the diminishing role of banks, how cryptocurrencies can help overcome Big Brother and why every regulatory plan makes the crypto world stronger. Host: Balázs Csekő The invention of bitcoin has solved a […]

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Vladan Lausevic: The era of struggle between digital democracy and digital dictatorship

Social entrepreneur Vladan Lausevic was recently the guest of the CEA Talk podcast. He talked about liquid democracy, the necessity of decentralized social media, the creation of a world parliament and how robotization and artificial intelligence could empower humans. Host: Balázs Csekő The idea came up in the late 1960s. James C. Miller wrote about […]

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