Ethical Remembrance & Solemn Recognition with Warsaw Ghetto Scholar Dr. Katarzyna Person

Dr. Katarzyna Person, the deputy director of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum that is set to open in 2026, has been awarded the Dan David Prize. Headquartered at Tel Aviv University and established in 2001, recipients of the prestigious honor “reward innovative and interdisciplinary work that contributes to humanity.” Dr. Person’s focused commitment to Holocaust studies as a professor, researcher, and writer on a number of books and articles, as well as editing volumes of many documents from the Underground Archive, has collectively earned her much respect as a renowned scholar. 

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On The Ground at Mob-Filled Rally in Washington

Much has been made of the nasty and perverse anti-Israel demonstration on Saturday April 27 outside the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Hilton Hotel on Connecticut Ave in D.C. The glitzy affair featured President Joe Biden hurling jabs at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump while also offering dire warnings of the fate of democracy in America if he isn’t re-elected in November. 

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Israeli Architect with Romanian Roots Flourishes in ‘Start-Up Nation’

As an Israeli whose family has Central European roots, Amir Rozei is a multidisciplinary architect with an exciting story. Upon graduating from Haifa University nearly a decade ago, Rozei’s career began auspiciously, landing an internship at the famed Daniel Libeskind Studio in New York City. For the past six years, Rozei has worked successfully ever since at one of Israel’s leading architectural firms.

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