Pesticide changes are not enough to appease protesting farmers. The real problem is subsidies

After a great deal of bureaucratic drama, Spain has finally decided to recognize Kosovo passports. The UAE has also joined the party by removing visas for Kosovan citizens, allowing them to travel to the Arab state with only their passport for the first time. These are long-awaited changes which represent a big step forward in Kosovo’s relations with the rest of the world. But there is still much more to do – starting with the rest of Europe getting on board with visa-free travel for Kosovars and recognising Kosovo’s sovereignty.

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Possible Change Means Relief in the Essential Oil Business

A new red-tape mission is about to worsen the lives of Eastern European consumers, producers, and suppliers. Under the influence of the Green Deal, the European Union’s Chemical Agency (ECHA) will transition to a hazard-based approachpremised on preventing any potential threat. Regulators will no longer focus on concrete exposure levels to determine whether a product is safe for consumers, as they used to in the older risk-oriented assessments. Instead, policymakers will use lab-related hypothetical scenarios or advanced statistical tests to label a consumer good as dangerous or remove it entirely from store shelves if it could constitute a problem in any way, shape, or form.

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The Farming Reform Europe May (not) Need

Author: Zoltán Kész Agriculture is an issue which is viewed very differently depending on which European country you look at it from. Whether it is the subsidies or the methods, it seems like there is no real understanding among all the EU member states. In this edition of the CEA Talks podcast, host Zoltán Kész […]

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